About the CORE WAR blog

CORE WAR is a technical blog about crypto, defi, and security.

The name CORE WAR is borrowed from the classic computer game in which players program bots that compete for dominance in resource consumption in the arena of a virtual computer. This seemed a fitting inspiration for the subject matter: cryptocurrency, DeFi, smart contracts, the interesting and clever ideas I find, but also, and more importantly, hacks, scams, heists, and security. This is a technical project. There is no financial advice to be taken here.

My focus will be on Algorand, Cardano, and the EVM blockchains, and the token ecosystems they support.

I have no affiliation with any blockchain or cryptocurrency organization or project. This is just a hobby and I operate solo.

Comments? Contact at: corewar @ gmx.com or @corewarcrypto on twitter.